Nassau/Suffolk Lumber and New Media Marketing 
turn the page after a remarkable twenty-year run.


Obviously… a lot has changed since the mid ‘90’s. Bill Clinton was in the White House… “Friends” and “Seinfeld” were riding high… and personal computer owners began experimenting with e-mail and something called “social media”. The economy was growing fast, and the building trades on Long Island were booming. Nassau/Suffolk Lumber was one of the foremost “go-to” suppliers for the Island’s builders and contractors … and they were in search of a new marketing firm who could effectively tell their story. Enter Michael Kitakis— an up-and-coming marketing visionary… who just happened to excel at storytelling. The rest… as they say… is history. This match made in Huntington never waivered— as the economy, and the construction business, both soared and struggled over the years. Together, they built the brand into one of the Island’s most successful and respected icons. But all good things must come to an end.

On February 1, 2016 the reigns of Nassau/Suffolk’s thriving building and supply centers were handed to their eastern neighbor and former competitor… Riverhead Building Supply. And so ends a special “agency/client” collaboration that far exceeded the norms and expectations of most marketing partnerships. Remember… this connection spanned over two decades— beginning when agencies still relied on marker layouts and mechanical paste-ups to prep for print ads and direct mail flyers. Of course, today’s marketer is web-focused and digitally motivated— the very strengths that are emphasized and employed at New Media Marketing. MK fondly recalls the important ideas and transitions that helped Nassau/Suffolk evolve. “As a niche, business-to-business supplier, Nassau/Suffolk’s strength became its unique contractor incentive program that helped small builders market themselves, operate more efficiently, and rely on Nassau/Suffolk for valuable business advice as well as cost-efficient building materials. We created a “supplier/customer” partnership that produced trust and mutual benefits. In the beginning direct-mail flyers got the word out. Ultimately, website promotions and e-mail campaigns paved the way for digital leads and referrals.” Michael also credited Sharon McGovern, Nassau/Suffolk’s Sales and Marketing VP for her tireless work ethic and industry insights. “We have a great rapport”, Sharon emphasized. “I can’t say we were always on the same page, but we had a common goal, communicated well, and strategized with our minds open. The success of our business is a testament to our collaboration, and the marketing expertise and skills of Michael and his team.”

Naturally, after a twenty-year relationship, the breakup is bittersweet. While the
day-to-day interaction will be missed, the satisfaction of two business partners creating and sustaining mutual success over two decades will always linger. New Media wishes “all the best” to the management and staff at Nassau/Suffolk Lumber.        

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