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  • 06 Apr 2016

    Online Activity Heats Up For Econoburn, Following Launch Of New Website With The Help Of New Media Marketing

    Econoburn is fired up about business prospects for 2016… and why not? They began the year by announcing that they’ve introduced a newly designed, emissions-lowering line of wood-fueled boilers— and it’s already taking the alternative-energy market by storm. To coincide with Econoburn’s product line reveal, they turned to their long-time marketing partner… New Media Marketing… […]
  • 25 Mar 2015

    Power of the Synchronicity Wheel Under Surveillance

    Delivering your brand message to the right audience over the right channels to your customers at the right time, when they’re ready to act. Synchronicity is an integrated marketing program created by New Media Marketing (NMM) that creates exposure and momentum for your brand through storytelling in a way that connects with customers anywhere, anytime to […]
  • 02 Oct 2014

    Pros And Cons Of A Marketing Agency VS. Freelancer

    Many people often assume that freelancers are a better choice for their design work due to low costs. Freelancers might be the right option for you if you have a simple project, but it’s important to keep in mind that most freelancers only have expertise in one or two specific areas. Very few possess all […]
  • 30 Jul 2014

    Get Your Product or Service Rolling with Pre-Roll Online Ads

    Research has shown that television and online (phone/desktop/tablet) viewing dominate time spent interacting with all media. A majority (90%) of our daily media interactions are screen based with Smartphone/Laptop/Tablet/Television versus Radio/Newspaper/Magazine (10%). There are many people who watch TV with a tablet/phone on their lap! In fact, a 2014 study found that almost half of sports […]
  • 23 Jul 2014

    New Media is 4 Times Better… with 4K Video

    New Media Marketing is very pleased to announce that we now have in-house 4K video production capabilities. For those of you who are unaware of what 4K video is all about, it is the industry standard resolution for cinema and has recently begun to be implemented in new ultra high definition televisions as well. 4K […]
  • 27 Mar 2014

    Video Marketing Means ‘Reel’ Results For Your Business

    In today’s day and age, online video is the best way to reach your audience when you can’t be face-to-face. New Media’s video production services allow you to present your business in a professional manner, assuring powerful and polished first impressions. Familiarizing your audience with your staff members, location, mission statement, events and special offers […]
  • 05 Oct 2012

    Econoburn Wood-Fuel Boilers Website Goes Live!

    One of our recent clients needed a complete re-design and launch of their company, Econoburn Boilers. It started with simplifying and redefining its product line from “Wood Gasification Boilers” to “Wood-Fuel Boilers” so consumers could more easily understand how they operate. Rather than highlight the actual process of ‘double-burning’, the new name puts the attention […]