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  • 28 Oct 2016

    5 Key Benefits of Marketing Automation

    "There is a growing buzz in the marketplace about Marketing Automation. It is an incredibly powerful, simple to implement and cost effective resource you can no longer live without."- Greg Grdodian New Media agrees with Grdodian, and has already implemented marketing automation for many of its clients, with great success. Click Here for the Full Article  
  • 05 Aug 2016

    Storytelling With a Purpose

    This time of year brings the chance to refresh one’s perspectives on life with a new season. From emphasizing people’s caring and helping nature, it always seems to bring out the best in people. In order for businesses to thrive, they need to connect with this piece of human nature. New Media Marketing strives to […]
  • 16 Nov 2015

    Using Imagery to Create Unity

    The hearts of the whole team here at New Media go out to the victims of the senseless acts of violence in Paris and Beirut this past week. Even during this horrific time, we’re reminded of how the power of imagery can help unite us all. The “Peace for Paris” symbol by Jean Jullien, a […]
  • 16 Nov 2012

    Free App From Slant/Fin: A Real Hot Item!

    When our client — a company that just happens to be one of the world’s oldest and most respected names in boilers and baseboard heating — develops an exciting new app that saves money and improves efficiency, it’s big news. With press releases for both the digital and print media, separately targeting homeowners and heating […]
  • 20 Oct 2011

    Stop By For Breakfast & A Toast With New Media Marketing

    "You're invited to learn about New Media's New approach to getting you New business." WE ARE STARTING A "SYNCRONICITY™" REVOLUTION! Dubbed "Syncronicity", it's a comprehensive approach to corporate and product branding that incorporates the full spectrum of digital marketing and social media - as well as time-proven traditional advertising venues - to maximize audience impact while minimizing costs. New […]
  • 22 Jul 2010

    Got To Have a U-S-P, if You Want the J-O-B

    By Z Whether you love Legos or Lincoln Logs, chances are you’ve played with building blocks. It’s practically a developmental plateau, right there with using a spoon and potty training: stacking blocks, knocking them down, stacking, knocking, and through a better understanding of the process (or sheer intuition), building a stronger foundation each time. Reaching a […]
  • 11 Jun 2010

    Tales of the Thrill-a-Minute Client

                                  By Z One of our most exciting clients is Suzanne Hand & Associates, the eminent court-reporting agency. There’s a steely cool about court reporting … Bondian, really, with the intrigue and the gadgets and the girls (as Suzanne told me this week, court reporting remains an overwhelmingly female industry). But it’s not truth, justice or American ways that […]
  • 26 May 2010

    Integrate Adventure

            By Z It’s nearly summer, which is of course amusement park season, which means more Great Adventure TV commercials, which means suffering that creepy old dancer with the bald head and the ridiculous Kim Jong Il glasses, which is all just a stream of consciousness started by that clever headline up there. What we’re really thinking […]